Wolfburn distillery

Great whisky, today in the hague it was a plessant surprise tasting the whisky and hearing the story of the distillery. Keep up the great work and awesome whisky! Also much appreciation for the pleasant contacts I have with . Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Maturation takes place in predominantly ex-Bourbon casks, but.

This is a light, sweet and fragrant whisky, with notes of fruit,. Wolfburn has finally come of age. Taking its name from the stream that provided the water – the Wolf Burn – the . J got the chance to meet and have a lovely chat with Andrew Thompson, the owner of the distillery.

This is my first time seeing Andrew in person, and I can tell this gentleman is full of . With long fermentation, slow manual distillation and maturation taking place at . The whisky industry is thriving and more distilleries are popping up. We increased our workforce by taking on two apprentices, and we .

The cold clear waters that fed the mash tun and stills all those . Setting the mill before the first run of malt. A tonne of grist now sits in the container. Getting closer to the first mash. In its day was one of the largest distilleries in Scotland. Two of us arrived for the tour which are held at 2pm.

Country of origin, Scotland. We were shown round the distillery by Ian. Tweets by mybottleshopcom. Never Never Gin Distilling. Thurso whisky back on shelves for first time in nearly 1years.

EnotriaCoe’s Showstopper. The process of making quality whisky . The distillery becomes the northernmost distillery on the Scottish . It is thought to have ceased . SUMMER 1st April to October 31st are 10am to 4. They began laying down new-make spirit in .

Monday to Friday Tours daily at 2pm. I continue to be blown away by this newcomer. Dave Broom, Scotchwhisky.

The building of a new distillery , no matter how romantic its location or story, does not guarantee good whisky. So I am delighted for those involved in such an exhausting project . Traditionelle Produktion trifft modernes know-how. Begrüßen Sie mit uns den ersten . Find who stocks this wine, and at what price.