Catégories : ASSAINISSEMENT . Alternative form of ventouse. Verb (third-person singular simple present ventuses , present participle ventusing, simple past and past participle ventused) 1. Op mijnwoordenboek kunt u eenvoudig Werkwoorden vervoegen in het Nederlands, Frans, Duits, Engels en Spaans. Veuillez vous connecter pour continuer.

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This is the old way of treatment called method of horn. During the aplication of ventuse local stase of blood and local congestion of tissue are happening. For that purpose in use is a little vessel so-called small cap in which vacuum is created by introduction of warmth.

After that vessel is put on skin above desirable point.

The past tense of ventuse is ventused. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of ventuse is ventuses. The present participle of ventuse is ventusing.

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