Twin cooling system

The Twin Cooling System controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate evaporators and precise electronic control. This brings: superior energy savings. An adequate amount of cool air is provided in each compartment independent of the other. Temperature sensors and microcomputers detect which.

Additionally, in conventional – single evaporator – systems , odors from the fridge can be permeated to foods in the freezer because air from the two compartments is interconnected. Twin Cooling Plus TM fridges, however, prevent mixed odors that taint the ice you store in the freezer because twin cooling.

Le même compresseur alimente deux évaporateurs présents dans les deux zones distinctes qui sont associés à leur . Холодильники Samsung самых последних моделей очень удивили потребителя. Ведь они справляются с самой важной проблемой охлаждения – с сухостью! Новая инновационная технология TWIN cooling Plus это большой прорыв в контроле влажности. Теперь она достигает целых , . Single Cooling -VS- Twin Cooling Refrigerator While the technology behind twin cooling refrigerators is not new, the affordability of this technology is. Now that this feature is somewhat common, here is why you should buy a refrigerator with a TWIN COOLING SYSTEM.

What does Twin Cooling Mean? When researching refrigerator options, you will see many listing their cooling systems as either single cooling or twin cooling , which is also referred to as dual cooling by some manufacturers.

However, what is not listed is an explanation of what this means. Примеры перевода, содержащие „ twin cooling system “ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов. Shop for a Samsung cu. We offer low prices and great service.

Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、Samsung Refrigerator (RS552NRUASL) 538L with Twin Cooling System : Home Electronics, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price! Twin Cooling SysteСистема двойного охлаждения, позволяющая независимо контролировать работу морозильной и холодильной камер, что достигается путем охлаждения каждого отделения собственными испарителем и вентилятором, а также применением специальной электронной системы . В холодильнике Samsung RS5используются два отдельных воздушных потока и точный контроль температуры для поддержания оптимальной влажности в холодильной и морозильной камерах. Get information on the LG French Door Refrigerator with Smart Cooling System , cu.

Samsung twin cooling refrigerator has a lot of useful features, it keeps ingredients fresh for a long time without drying out with the twin cooling plus system also you can convert freezer into fridge to keep the food you need to store fresh for all seasons also it has the antibacterial protector to keep your fridge clean and . The automatic filtered ice maker in the freezer offers convenient access to ice so you . Have you ever had funky smelling ice cubes or garlic flavored ice cream? Perhaps you never noticed off tastes that extreme but it is certainly possible in most modern refrigerators. This is because most refrigerators only have one evaporator, which means cold air and odors can move freely from one .