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Thermokey Deutschland GmbH. The commercial organisation includes, on top of the head quarter in Rivarotta di Rivignano Teor (UD), three different companies based in France , Germany and Polan as well as a widely spread network of distributors in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Far East and in Latin America. Recherchez dans les catalogues et brochures techniques de la société THERMOKEY.

Inscrivez-vous sur LinkedIn gratuitement. Nuclear fusion reactor, ITER. Temperature control of critical components. Packing company, Australia. Microchannel condenser with EC fans.

Packaging system for fresh products. Warehouse at -20°C, Reggio Emilia. THERMOKEY DEUTSCHLAND GMBH The refrigerant R7(CO2) was added to the range of na- tural refrigerants already used (amongst the others NH3) through a new specific series of unit coolers.

Voir son profil professionnel sur Viadeo. Germany: Steineker, Klockner Hansel, Buhler Gmbh. Search for further products and novelties. Preserving food freshness and properties is an indispensable mission. Plant in France for the processing and preservation of shrimps.

Plant for ice-cream deep- freezing in Austria. Keeping unchanged the freshness of shrimps. Resolution: Please contact Cooling Tech Support to confirm the part numbers before quotng as some may have changed. The German subsidiary com- pany was founded to face at its best the most important and demanding market in ter- ms of performance and ma- nufacturing quality. Russia, Poland and France.

Le contenu peut être utilisé directement dans votre logiciel Revit ou CAO. Если его результаты трудно назвать блестящими, то CBS France не достигает даже тех результатов, на которые рассчитывало руководство CBS USA. Le marché des échangeurs thermiques est en effet très touffu, et en pleine expansion.

Prestige – Quality – Performance. REFRIGERATION INDUSTRY JSC. CHILBLOCK Refrigeration Equipment. Vous aimez ce lieu, partagez-le ! Partager sur facebookPartager sur Twittershare_mailLien. Крупная компания была приобретена в Австралии.

Позже была куплена французская компания McQuay France SA — держатель торговой марки Wesper и владелец завода по . We may use anti tampering labels at our discretion. GENIE CLIMATIQUE ET INDUSTRIE. FRANCE AIR FRAPOL FRITERM FRIVENT FROST ITALY G.