Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on sales, product announcements, live events, and Tele Vue news. Click Subscribe and then one of the Close buttons when the green text appears. Tele Vue Optics is a Chester, New York-based astronomical optics company known primarily for its premium brand of speciality eyepieces and apochromatic refractor telescopes. Tele Vue Optics and the name Al Nagler go hand in hand with the international astronomy and birding community.

Their revolutionary telescope and eyepiece design. The 3-6mm Tele Vue Nagler Zoom Eyepiece is perfect for the serious lunar and planetary observer.

The apparent field and eye relief stay constant, and it is parfocal throughout the zoom range which eliminates the need to refocus as you adjust it. The first TeleVue products were 55mm, 26mm, 17mm, 10. Some of those products are still in . Compare Tele Vue Telescopes, Tripods, Telescope Accessories – Up to Off only at OpticsPlanet. He says that it was his involvement in designing NASA lunar landing simulators that most directly influenced the Tele Vue products of today . Le correcteur de parabole Paracorr type 2. Une liaison optique est pratiquement considérée comme le plus faible maillon.

Avec le développement des oculaires Nagler à un champ visuel de 82° et de plus de 100° pour les oculaires Ethos, Tele Vue offre des champs visuels des plus larges, aplanis et au mieux corrigés . La PowerMate Televue est un développement ultérieur de.

Find great deals on eBay for Televue in Telescope Accessories and Eyepieces and Lenses Parts. The concept for this eyepiece was first proposed by Tele Vue President David Nagler, with performance parameters giving it the fundamental characteristics (the ethos) of a Tele. В коробке плотно укутанный в воздушно-пузырчатый полиэтилен и полиэтиленовый пакет лежит небольшого размера классической формы окуляр. Внутри коробки листок рекламы от TeleVue и стикер Powered by . With freedom from aberrations, greater magnification potential, and compact size, Powermates pick up from where Barlows can go no further.

Concept: While Barlows are powerful tools, the negative element defining them also limits their ability. The simple negative element Barlow increases . The Tele Vue -has an amazing range of useful magnification. The three Tele Vue eyepieces I used magnified as low as 15x. Panoptic) and as high as 144x.

Mid-range (40x) was provided by a 9mm Nagler. But, TeleVue would make its first mark in astronomy by revolutionizing a here to fore little appreciated aspect of optical systethe ocular (or eyepiece). With entertainment options as diverse as your guests, everyone will enjoy favorite channels like ESPN, CNN, HBO, SHOWTIME and Discovery Channel, all in crystal-clear high definition quality.

They sport an apparent field of view of 100°, the widest apparent field of any commercial eyepiece – ever. The 13mm focal length was the first out of the gate, closely followed by the 8mm, 6mm, . Do you like flying near the Moon surface or diving into the Milky Way ? Yes, this is quasi the impression I have felt using the Tele Vue zoom 8-mm ! For years zoom have gotten a bad reputation due to their poor optical quality.

They yield very dim images and they were tall and non-ergonomic. Разрешите представить вам небольшой, но очень интересный обзор популярнейшего кома-корректора Tele Vue Paracorr Type-2. В этом самммари, присутствует вес. Historically, Tele Vue has not really been known for sales.

Just bought a Televue 32mm Plossl. Looks nice and has heft, but what about actual performance? Did a back-to-back comparison with a bog-standard Celestron.