Televue ethos

Pendant des années, les oculaires Nagler de Televue étaient considéré comme la référence parmi les oculaires grand angle. They sport an apparent field of view of 100°, the widest apparent field of any commercial eyepiece – ever. The 13mm focal length was the first out of the gate, closely followed by the 8mm, 6mm, . The TeleVue 13mm Ethos Eyepiece employs flat finished baffles and specialty coatings that are tuned to the composition of each element for maximum contrast.

The field area of this new eyepiece is more than larger than an 82° field. Distortion correction, high contrast and on-axis sharpness for planetary viewing.

External characteristics. Perhaps the first thing anybody realizes when seeing Ethos for the fist time is its size. It really is a big thing, even in comparison with other eyepieces, like longer Panoptics or Nagler type 5. Tele Vue Ethos – A hundred degrees of perfection.

At the time, during daylight demonstrations with the mm unit, there were some mixed reactions. Does the world need another expensive eyepiece? Al Nagler assured us that our opinions . Les Ethos sont ainsi devenus la référence dans le . Protective Plastic Storage Container Size ‎: ‎Age.

Filter Threads ‎: ‎Standard 1. Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes – New 1Degree 30mm Eyepiece from Explore Scientific! During the initial introduction of the Ethos TeleVue featured a prototype 13mm eyepiece installed onto a TeleVue NP1telescope, this produced an actual field of view of 2. The telescope was focused onto a pinpoint artificial star and as observers moved the telescope to position the star across the. We have not specifically endorsed the 13mm Ethos for Bino-Vue use because of the large diameter barrel. Focal Length (mm) ‎: ‎Field Stop (mm) ‎: ‎22.

Et plus si affinités: quelques nébuleuses et galaxies faciles. I finally managed to get my hands on my dream eyepiece, the 13mm Ethos. Milky Way with a powerful combination of contrast, power and field.

Larger deep sky objects and rich star fields are its natural playground. Looking on-axis your field-of-vision is filled with 100° of stars. This scope accessory from . La référence absolue en matière de qualité ! Disponible en plusieurs puissances. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de televue ethos.

Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. ELEMENT, 13MM, 1DEGREES, Hyperwide field of view, superior multi-coatings, low distortion, telescope eyepiece for astronomy. TeleVue hat eine neue revolutionäre Okularserie entwickelt, die Ethos -Reihe.

Es sind die ersten Okulare mit 1Grad scheinbarem Gesichtsfeld.

Trotz der vergleichsweise großen Ausmaße von 144x64mm hat es ein Gewicht von nur 590g. TeleVue continues to expand its Ethos eyepiece line with introduction of the 10mm and 21mm oculars. At the other end of the size range, the 21mm Ethos has been planned for . Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The TeleVue Ethos eyepiece line has redefined the ultra-widefield observing experience.

Buy TeleVue 13mm Ethos Eyepiece 1. The TeleVue philosophy, or “ ethos ,” if you will, has always been about inspiring spacewalk vistas. The consensus of customers who have observed with the Ethos eyepiece prior to their commercial launch was, How soon .