Slider konova k5

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The Konova KSlider runs very smooth.

Is has removable legs with rubber feet. Tha maximum load is about 23kg. The Ksliders are also upgradable with the Konova Crank handle kit. This one is made in Korea by Konova at the highest quality This is our Brand new model.

Here are some differences between the Kand the Ksliders : 1. Bigger bearings and shaft 2. Buy Konova KSlider (4) featuring Roller Bearing Sliding System, 50.

Le système de roulement permet une meilleure fluidité dans les mouvements et. For those new to Konova they are made in South Korea (the good Korea). They use metal parts with some thicker plastic casings. With this set up you can slide at various.

This is a compilation of footages taken throughout Europe with the Konova K5. A more in depth review of the. Only a real shoot is the ultimate test for any . Konova KSlider Kit includes Adjustable Legs, Tools and Soft Carry Case – Choose from different sizes – Please Note: Camera not included.

The product is already in the wishlist! Guide price per day £excluding VAT. You can set up tripod or head at the bottom of slider rail. Any3degree angle that your tripod will allow.

Réalisez de sublimes travellings avec le slider Konova K5. Compact et livré dans son sac de transport, ce slider vous accompagnera sur tous vos lieux de tournage en extérieur comme en intérieur. Konova barre de travelling slider kà louer : Ce Konova est un rail de travelling sur roulement.

Cela apporte une meilleure fluidité dans les mouvements et permet de supporter un poids plus important.

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