In resource management, pooling is the grouping together of resources for the purposes of maximizing advantage or minimizing risk to the users. The term is used in finance, computing and equipment management. Meaning of pooling as a finance term. What does pooling mean in finance? Synonyms for pooling at Thesaurus.

Anglais – Francais, définition, voir aussi ‘ potholing’,polling’,pool’,policing’, conjugaison, expression, synonyme, dictionnaire Reverso.

Dictionary and Word of the Day. After obtaining features using convolution, we would next like to use them for classification. In theory, one could use all the extracted features with a classifier such as a softmax classifier, but this can be computationally challenging. Consider for instance images of size 96xpixels, and suppose we have . Forums pour discuter de pooling , voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions.

To take ones pool chairs (the chairs right next to a pool), and put them in the pool during the night, as a prank. Grouping together of various resources or assets. The purpose of pooling is to spread financial risk across the population so that no individual carries the full burden of paying for care.

It is at the core of health financing policy, and it is one of the three main health financing functions, midway between revenue collection and purchasing.

Funds from many individual investors that are aggregated for the purposes of investment, as in the case of a mutual or pension fund. Investors in pooled fund investments benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower trading costs per dollar of investment, diversification and professional money management. SQL Server Connection Pooling (ADO.NET) Provides an overview of connection pooling and describes how connection pooling works in SQL Server. OLE DB, ODBC, and Oracle Connection Pooling Describes connection pooling for the.

NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB, the. Connection pooling reduces the number of times that new connections must be opened. The pooler maintains ownership of the physical connection. It manages connections by keeping alive a set of active connections for each given connection configuration.

Whenever a user calls Open on a connection, . Max pooling operation for temporal data. Integer, size of the max pooling windows. Factor by which to downscale. If None, it will default to pool_size.

There are many different types of cash pooling arrangement available. While banks offering cash pooling services take great care to highlight the uniqueness of their offerings, there is often little to distinguish between the services available. Cash pools can be broadly categorised as falling into one of the following types:. The pooling ops sweep a rectangular window over the input tensor, computing a reduction operation for each window (average, max, or max with argmax). Each pooling op uses rectangular windows of size ksize separated by offset strides.

For example, if strides is all ones every window is use if strides is all twos every.