Maxon od 9 overdrive

Maxon OD – vs Ibanez TS9-reissue oct. Ajouté par ProGuitarShopDemos Buy Now: https://goo. I pretty much use this ON during all the times so I get teh most out of my distortion soun but it . With improved circuitry, the OD – stands at the forefront of the Nine Series effects evolution. Improved circuitry with a new chip yields the ultra- smooth dynamic overdrive guitarists crave.

Drive and Level controls tweak the intensity and volume while the Hi-Boost/Hi-Cut tone controls adjust brightness. La OD – actuelle reprend fidèlement les spécifications du circuit de la fameuse OD – (nommée TS- Tubescreamer chez Ibanez). La seule différence concerne le système de bypass, qui est désormais . Гарантия на всю продукцию. Нашли дешевле – мы сделаем скидку!

Featuring an updated circuit and the same streamlined interface as the original, the OD – is an update to the Maxon classic that brings all the warm, searing overdrive at a fraction of the price. This pedal is an ideal choice for any working guitarist looking to add a quality effect to their rig without paying a fortune for a vintage .