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Major product lines include reciprocating, rotary, and severe service control valves, regulators, levels, and field instrumentation. For more than 1years Dresser Valves delivers world-class products. Masoneilan – “Where Flexibility Meets Best Fit Technology”. The valves of the Dresser Division are reliable, durable and offer high performance at a fair price.

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These valves are crucial process elements for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, . The ValScope- PRO helps customers identify problems by providing a scientific evaluation of valves in operation. Complete Line of Rugge. GE Consolidated – Safety Relief Valves.

Mooney – Regulators, Surge Relievers, Pilots. Series single porte heavy top guided control valves are designed with built in versatility making them well-suited to handle a wide variety of process applications. Standard features include: Top Guided Rugge heavy top plug guiding provides maximum support to ensure plug stability.

Компания предлагает позиционеры ведущих мировых производителей.

Позиционеры предназначены для управления пневматическими приводами клапанов. Эти высокоэффективные устройства используются во всех современных сенсорах и схемах управления. Spring oppose rolling diaphragm. Air to close, fail open action. Aftermarket Value Services.

Consistent and high quality services executed through a network of fully authorized and certified third party service centers, as well as company owned facilities . HomePosts Tagged dresser masoneilan. Europack-Euromanut- CFIA. Conde sur noireau – inscrits.

Rotary Globe Valve with Lo-dB Trim,. Adjustable Cv, and Adjustable. The contract covers supply, manufacturing and . SUPPLY CONNECTION WIRING RATED 5oC ABOVE AMBIENT. HOUSING CONDUIT ENTRY ½ INCH NPT.

INGRESS PROTECTION TYPE 4X-6P. Parallel to pipeline, valve closes on stem extension. Perpendicular to pipeline, valve closes on stem extension.

N-40) at the PSEG Salem Station within three months of being installed.