Hans system

Le système HANS (Head And Neck Support – Support de la tête et du cou ) est un équipement de sécurité utilisé dans de nombreux sports mécaniques automobile en complément du casque. A HANS device also known as a head restraint, is a safety item compulsory in many car racing sports. ULTRA LITE – LIGHTEST HANS EVER. In the event of an accident, HANS is intended to prevent a stretching of the vertebrae and to . Car and Driver explains the physics behind HANS and other neck-saving devices.

A super light force to be counted with.

The Head And Neck Support system weighs only 2grams but it. A real world comparision of how important a HANS Device is in even slow speed crashes. Looking to choose a frontal head restraint system ? Wondering what the difference is between an FHR and a HANS Device?

You can only use helmets that are listed in the Technical Data Sheet No. Helmets must be fitted with the original metal handles that are homologated FIA. Approvals according to current . That day was a turning point in the way the sport looked at the once laughed-at device.

And that turned out to be the first HANS Device.

At the time, neither man knew the impact that their restraint would have on racing safety. We were going into the unknown, Hubbard said. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de hans system. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. Browse the racing safety belts and restraints available from Simpson Race Products.

HANS Performance Products was recently purchased by Simpson Performance Products a leader in motorsports safety equipment. The HANS Device is the most widely used and recognized head and neck restraint in motorsports, . The U-shaped head and neck restraint was developed to keep the head from whipping forward and backward during a crash. The idea was to prevent fractures (basal fractures) at . Système HANS pour la protection du pilote sur ORECA Store. Homologué FIA : sécurité maximale. Désormais obligatoire pour les courses homologuées FIA.

Invented by a biomechanical engineer and a pro racer and refined by Mercedes Fengineers. Trust your safety to the very best! Hans Sport II Device Degree Layback Angle, Medium exclusively from McGill Motorsports.

The device is constructed using injection moulded reinforced thermoplastics for the required high strength, whilst . This device was co-developed by Dr. Robert Hubbar a professor of engineering at Michigan State University, and his brother-in-law, former IMSA .

HANS czyli Head and Neck Support ma za zadanie redukować siły jakie pojawiają się zwłaszcza przy zderzeniu czołowym. Zazwyczaj najgorzej odczuwają głowa i szyjny odcinek kręgosłupa kierowcy, których uszkodzenia są najczęstszą przyczyną śmierci na torach. Formula One World Championship photos.

In each of the fatalities, the HANS (Head And Neck Support) Device would have greatly increased the chances of survival. The restraining system holds the head stationary relative to the body, keeping the head from the violent motions associated . System ten został opracowany już w .