Edelkrone slider plus pro

Give Your Audience and Yourself a Rare Experience! BOX CONTENTS ‎: ‎Steady Module and geared. Signaler une autre image Vous avez trouvé des images choquantes. Edelkrone makes the perfect job.

Suggested Tripod Leg Distance ‎: ‎31. It handles the weight easily and my shots look great. Not to cumbersome yet when mounted on a . This gives the slider 24.

Plus those extension knobs are easy to lose, which I lost mine in the first shoot (found it on street). Be sure to also watch the in depth review of the. Dynamic camera movement is a great way to increase the production value of your projects. It was designed to solve a problem that every camera user on-the-go faces when using a slider – how do you . Featuring a stronger structure that the . Z location Z location Z location F PMW20 PMW30 E. Slidekamera Привод HDN-2-DС Pro.

Hefty build – one of the first models. Angello Productions Rentals. Camera Rental Cleveland -Event Lighting Rental Cleveland – Sound Equipment Rental Cleveland. There are no reviews yet.

You get to wield the advantage of having the perfect slider with amazing dolly . SLIDERPLUSは、滑らかな動作で、通常の2倍の移動距離を実現したポータブルスライダーです。スチールボールベアリングを使用し、レールと雲台部が連動してそれぞれ動くことで、コンパクトな全長ながら、今までのスライダー製品の2倍の移動距離を実現しました。左右のスライドはもちろん、カメラを前後方向に装着した場合では、. Get it done with one call! Soyez le premier à évaluer ce produit.

Its compact sizes makes it ideal for travel, as it takes of up less room in . Dimensions dans le sac : cm. Housse de transport fournie. The SilderPlus is a great slider if you need something compact and small.

It is small enough to be backed into a carryon or backpack, but because of how the slider works you get a full feet of movement. We specialize in all aspects of outdoor photography. Feel free to view our Digital Online shop, Classifieds, Photo Articles and Camera Reviews as well as Photographers forum.