Clean laser systems

LASER hits the spot with light to provide unique surface preparation options. CleanLASER offers laser beam cleaning and preparation technology for gentle and efficient surface treatment. We take pride in offering a reliable technology as a standardized product.

Our laser systems are being used by leading companies and government agencies. High power laser cleaning for rust removal, paint removal, heavy contamination. LaserAge was established as a supplier of bespoke laser systems and laser accessories to manufacturing. Backpack mounted laser – the ultimate in mobility.

Diode pumped solid-state laser. Very quiet air- cooled system. Large operating distance (up to 2mm).

Use of ytterbium fiber laser ( laser pulse duration is 1ns) enables efficient removal of different contaminants with minimal impact on base material. This is how it works and why laser cleaning should be your next investment. Removing oxide layers before a coating process or after welding. Overview of P- Laser products. Anilox laser cleaning systems.

Q- switched lasers with high powers allow the wear-free and selective cleansing of molds and tools from process residues like carbon black, silicone, rubber, vulcanization residues or oils and fat. Cleaning Components from Process-Related Deposits. This treatment is often necessary to prepare the surfaces . Today, there is a wide range of pulsed laser cleaning or de–coating systems in use. Laser systems are operated to de–coat paint . In the past decade laser paint removal and cleaning systems have generated significant interest as a viable alternative to conventional cleaning and paint removal technologies.

Laser cleaning is a ground-breaking yet tried and tested energy- and material- efficient technology. Handheld Class Industrial-Grade Laser parts cleaning , depainting, rust removal, surface conditioning System with up to 2” x 2” of the working envelope ( upgradeable to ″ x 4″) . Enhanced versatility and productivity. Pulsed laser energy can be used to remove contaminants or other unwanted layers without damaging the underlying surface. Laser Surface Preparation … Unmatched precision for a wide-range of tasks including…. The new developed JETLASER handheld platform completes 4JET’s offering for laser surface processing systems.

The applications for laser. The JETLASER product line addresses a vast range of industrial laser cleaning operations. Potential applications include cleaning of molds, tools and fixtures, paint and coating removal operations and . Pre-procedure room and laser check completed. Inspect energy delivery system. Fiber No cracks along length of quartz.

Proximal end Clean —tip not protruding out. Problems with the proximal end can be corrected only by manufacturer. Disposable fibers must be discarded.

Using a fiber with a faulty proximal end will.