Chimney balloon

Stop draughts from an un- used chimney with the original and best inflatable chimney draught stopper. Chimney Balloon – double glazing for your chimney. En cache Traduire cette page An open chimney is like leaving a window open. Fireplace dampers are inefficient due to warping and misalignment from frequent heating and cooling.

A bad or missing damper can cost you up to more on your heating bill. Your fireplace damper is releasing your indoor heat and letting in cold outside air! FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Battic Door Energy Conservation Products – in. Rectangular Fireplace Plug – For fireplace with a rectangular damper. Installs below the damper quickly. Helps reduce energy loss.

Hi everyone am hoping someone can help. I am convinced my house is haunted as its so bloomin cold! Mind you having laminate flooring all downstairs doesnt help! Got the man out to insulate the cavities and apparently I already had it!

I have a fireplace in the living room with a gas fire (flame effect) that . Summer-time tends to be warmish to hot on a really good day and.