Bessey ezs

Thanks to the intelligent release button, the upper section can be quickly converted from clamping to spreading, without the need . Powerful quick action trigger clamp . Système de mesure, Metric. Composants inclus, Pince à Main EZS. For case assembly these clamps are hard to beat. However, when you want to secure you work .

The BESSEY EZS Series offers a revitalized approach to hand clamps. What separates it from the rest is that it has been engineered from the start to offer a clean design, comfortable handles, 4lbs. This extremely sturdy original BESSEY one-handed clamp EZS is perfect for all work that needs to be carried out with one hand overhead tasks, or if the other hand is needed for aligning purposes.

Intelligent release mechanism in upper section Ergonomic . Clamping force up to 4lbs. This kit includes two two 1 and two clamps for a total of six products that weigh approximately lb when combined. Each one has a clamping force of 4lb and a throat . Converts to spreader without tools.

Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Presse EZS BESSEY en vente sur notre boutique. Visitez Fabory et achetez des produits Serres joints de qualité professionnelle. EZS one-handed clamp BESSEY EZS one-handed clamp 600xmm. The extremely sophisticated technology makes it possible, with just one han to clamp or spread workpieces with up to 0N of clamping force.

Thanks to the clever release mechanism no tools are needed to convert between clamping and spreading. The soft pressure caps ensure material protection and secure . E com importante detalhe: a engenharia alemã criou a possiblidade de inversão do grampo. Capaz de exercer força superior a 2Kg. Comparaison de prix Suisse. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Bessey EZS 15-jednoručná zvierka 150mm. Струбцина для работы одной рукой EZS BESSEY EZS15-8. Для работы с деревом Для работы с пластмассой Для работы с деликатными материалами . EN STOCK : Serre-joint une main BESSEY EZS pas cher.

Livraison rapide partout en France. Grand choix parmi 6Serre-joint.

No tools required for spreading thanks to intelligent release mechanism in upper section. Ergonomically shaped 2- component plastic handle behind the rail. One-handed operation with little effort required.

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